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Fall Update on Ingo-2001

We would like to apologize for the slight delay in getting the Fall updates to you. Needless to say, the past few months have been extraordinary. We all had kids in school who were the class clowns. They were the ones who would put thumbtacks on the teacher’s chair or blow bubbles in their chocolate milk. Ingo could be classified as the “class clown” at Wolf Timbers. Many a day you can witness or experience one of his antics. He enjoys a good roll in the smelliest thing he can find, and then offers to share it with you by rubbing against your leg. This is, of course, not always with your blessing. Ingo also enjoys a good game of “try and get the water hose.” The volunteers are stationed around the hose to keep away any “wolf help” while they clean and refill the water pails. This doesn’t deter Ingo. He never tires of trying different ways to get around the volunteers, but it just never works. Ingo is still submissive to Nira and is ranked as the Beta wolf at Wolf Timbers. Although Keeley is the Alpha female, she is the Omega of the pack. Ingo will still eat before her, and he doesn’t like to share his leftovers. He will even try and snatch Keeley’s treats from her if given the chance. His big appetite helps maintain his weight at around 100-110 pounds. He is enjoying excellent health and is up to date on all his vaccinations. Now that winter is just around the corner, it means two things at Wolf Timbers. Full, thick winter coats and breeding season. Ingo is looking like a “calendar wolf” now that his fur is growing in and giving him a rounded, plush appearance. He enjoys a good scratch that can get down into the base of all that fur and relieve any itchy spots that exist. The breeding season will be an interesting one this year. Ingo has reached sexual maturity, and could thereby potentially challenge Nira for the position of Alpha. Although Ingo is still submissive to Nira at this time, things could change in the matter of an instant. The howling sessions have also increased, not only in the frequency but also the duration. As this update is being written, the Wolf Timbers trio is serenading us. Many times we will hear Ingo “singing” solo, almost seeming to enjoy the sound of his voice. Nira and Keeley will glance his way, and let him continue to sing alone. He is sort of like the guy who sings along to his car radio at a red light. Wolf Timbers is closed for the 2001 season. We have had a wonderful, fun filled year. Many school groups and individuals made the visit to meet Ingo and his companions. We have one final Howl Night this year on November 16th. The program will start at 7:30 pm. Wolf Timbers encourages you to come and visit Ingo for the evening. Through your generous sponsorship, we are able to care for him both physically and mentally. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season.







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