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Wolf Timbers is currently in the process of trying to obtain pups for the spring. Please keep coming back for more information as it becomes available.


Received word that Wolf Timbers is considered exempt from the requirements of the new "Wild and Dangerous" animals legislation recently passed in Ohio. The reason for this is that we are currently in the middle of obtaining accreditation/verification from the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. This news has motivated us to do what is necessary to obtain this accreditation/verification. We are currently working on a number of submissions to the GFAS which when completed, will result in an inspection from the GFAS. This is the final point in either being accredited/verified or turned down. Failure here is not an option. It is our desire, for no other reason than for Nira, Keeley and Ingo, that Wolf Timbers shall obtain this level of accreditation/verification. We shall keep you posted.

Our request for an "Educational Permit" through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources was denied because the Ohio DNR does not regulate wolves as part of their regulatory animals. There was no other reason for the denial of our permit.
Applied for an "education" permit through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Also, Submitted the registration form to the Ohio Department of Agriculture as part of the new legislation on "Dangerous and wild animals."
Had a work day plus private, low key memorial service for Nira and Ingo. Showed video of Nira and Ingo. Also had a small work day today working inside. The volunteers replaced a light in the freezer building and volunteer room/office. They also cleaned the walls in the office and filled in holes getting ready for painting. Also acquired a new volunteer today.
Nira and Ingo's ashes to be interned inside current enclosure. More information will follow as it becomes available.
USDA Visits Wolf Timbers 10/10/2012 - no violations. No citations given.




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