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There are many books on wolves, a new one seems to be published ever few months. Below are simply our favorite books, either for historical, educational or simply for entertainment purposes. The best source to find such books would either be your local library, or perhaps try
  1. The Wolves of Isle Royale, by Dave Mech
  2. Arctic Wild, by Lois Crisler
  3. The Red Snow, by James Greiner
  4. The Ninemile Wolves, by Rick Bass
  5. Wolves of Minong, by Durward L. Allen
  6. The Wolf by Mech
  7. Following the Pack-The World Of Wolf Research, by Link and Crowley
  8. Of Wolves and Men, by Barry Lopez
  9. The Way of the Wolf, by Dave Mech
  10. The Company of Wolves, by Peter Steinhart
  11. The Wolf Almanac, by Busch
  12. The Recovery Plan For the Eastern Timberwolf
  13. The Wolves of North America, by Young and Goldman
  14. The Wolves of the World, by Paquet and Harrington
  15. The Wolves OF Isle Royale, by Rolf O. Peterson
  16. The Yellowstone Wolves, the first year, by Ferguson
  17. War Against the Wolf; Americas campaign to exterminate the Wolf, by Rick McIntyre
  18. MEANT TO BE WILD, the struggle to save endangered species through captive breeding, by Jan DeBlieu
  19. Ecology and Conservation of Wolves in a Changing World by L.N. Carbyn, S.H. Fritts and D.R. Seip (selected portions)
  20. The Wolves of Mt. McKinley by Adolph Murie
  21. The Management and Socialization of Wolves (available only at Wolf Park)
  22. DOGS, A Startling New Understand of Canine Origin, Behavior & Evolution by Raymond & Lorna Coppinger

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