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Spring Update on Ingo-2000

Ingo is well and appears in good health, although he is showing the effects of reprimands by Nira and occasionally Keeley in the show of small scars. He currently weighs in at an estimated 95 pounds. He has lost some of his pudgy puppy look and has a more lean, grown-up silhouette. Ingo continues to make us humans laugh with his antics. He is forever on the lookout to snatch from us whatever he can, be it a scrub brush or a fuzzy blue mitten. He enjoys rolling around on the ground and taking a new perspective on the world from this upside down position. Although we aren't sure, he seems to be mimicking Nira in his actions. Again, Ingo can be seen romping about the enclosure chasing things that the older two wolves have given up on. This includes things such as bees, leaves and butterflies. While at Wolf Park, Ingo enjoyed the water. His love of water continues to thrive here. He enjoys "assisting" us while we clean out the water tubs. Of course, in human eyes, he is more of a hindrance then a help. We have noticed that as Ingo has gotten older, his puppy attitude has not changed much. He continues to display his "Dennis the Menace" imitation every chance he gets. Ingo was the second to molt this season, right after Nira and before Keeley. The colorations in his fur are more striking now that his adult coat has grown in. He is a handsome wolf. He appears to be a bit larger then his father, Seneca, who resides at Wolf Park. Ingo seems to have been the recipient of his parent's most complementary features. He has a nice shaped head and lean, solid body. This is partly attributed to his past puppy privileges, which allowed him to eat first and at length. Ingo is now usually the last to eat from a carcass. He occasionally will try to sneak in a nibble before the other two are finished, but this only causes him grief from Nira or Keeley. Nira will give him a warning growl before chasing Ingo away. Although he has the body of an adult wolf, his howl is still growing up. Ingo's howling seems to be stuck at the awkward stage between puppyhood and his new found teenage years. One can only hope that his voice will eventually catch up with the rest of him. Ingo is slowly learning the proper behavior of the wolf social hierarchy. Nira is a good teacher and doesn't let Ingo get away with much. There are many days that Ingo ends up on his back in a very submissive position trying to appease a grumpy Nira or Keeley. Even though it sounds harsh, Ingo is only learning what all pups must learn, and that is where his place is in the pack. He fits in to his rank nicely and seems very content in his world. Many days will find him lounging beneath a Poplar tree, or following an interesting bug. Ingo still greatly enjoys being the center of attention. He will patiently sit while a volunteer scratches any body part within reach. On open days, he finds the visitors very interesting and will stand nose to fence to great them. He has become a wonderful part of the Wolf Timbers family and we are proud and happy to have him with us.




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