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Summer and Early Fall months of 2000

Ingo came through the summer and early fall months well. We are unsure of exactly how much Ingo weighs, but our best guess is around 100 pounds. We recently set out to weigh him, but we were unable to do so because of the increasing level of intensity displayed between Nira and Ingo. Ingo is a bit bigger than Keeley but also a bit smaller than Nira. We guess Keeley weighs around 70, Nira around 115 and Ingo somewhere in-between. We have not had a lot of success in weighing Ingo due to his displeasure at being picked up by humans. Even if we were able to weigh him, we would not even do so at the present time. Nira is looking for any reason to discipline Ingo at this time and if we were to pick him up, or even try, Nira would use that to his advantage and what could result would be an unfair mobbing of Ingo. Ingo is doing well (except for being nit-picked on by Nira) and is up to date on all vaccinations, which he received the 18th of August. Dr. Duerr also came out and inspected the wolves. Ingo was given a clean bill of health. Ingo has begun to behave, as a subordinate should. Nira still clearly dominates Ingo. From reading my notes, dated 9/8/2000, you can get a feel for what we are talking about. "…Keeley walked towards Ingo at which point Nira proceeded to agonistic pucker at Ingo. Nira had his tail out and his hackles extended up to his tail. Nira also postured at Ingo (sort of making himself look bigger), a way of calling Ingo`s bluff. Ingo did do a bit better job today of submitting but obviously not enough, because Nira took off after Ingo, caught him and rode on his back for about 20 feet. Ingo stopped, with Nira on his back. Nira was growling at Ingo, staring at his eyes and baring his canines. This was an attempt by Nira to say to Ingo "go ahead, try it". As long as Ingo stood still and did not move, Nira, it seemed, would not go any farther in his disciplining. This lasted for about 30 seconds. Ingo stood motionless and Nira then jumped off of Ingo and trotted away. Nira also turned around a few times to check on Ingo`s attitude". Even though Ingo is being totally and without question dominated by Nira, Ingo still has an attitude of "oh yea? Make me". This is evident by Ingo raising his leg to urinate in the presence of Nira. This 'Raised Leg Urination' is usually reserved for the two alphas in a pack. Ingo is also they recipient of some "ganging up on" by Keeley. Keeley will entice Ingo to chase her and when he does, Nira will get involved and will intercept Ingo, as he is unaware that Nira is watching him. Keeley will then turn around, see that Ingo is no longer chasing her but to find Ingo running from Nira. Keeley will then reverse the role and begin to chase Ingo. Another segment of my notes, written on 9/2/2000, indicate that Ingo`s puppy status is over. Besides Ingo giving us the 'bewildered look' - after getting thoroughly chastised by Nira for doing something a few months ago he was permitted to do, Nira is now defending his food against Ingo - ending Ingo`s "puppy status". Here is a segment of my notes "…threw over apples from the air lock to provide a distraction…Ingo went after Nira's apple and Nira then pinned Ingo to the ground and bared his canines at Ingo. This was very intense. Ingo tried to run away but Nira rode Ingo for about 15 feet, uttering a deep growl at Ingo." It seems that most of the "spats" between Ingo and Nira center around Keeley or food. Also on this day, the wolves received pop cycles for the very first time. This year marked the first year that we had any problem with biting flies on the wolves. We sprayed "fly's off" on the ground and the wolves' scent rolled in it. On October 29th, we had a "pumpkin party" for the wolves. We had people fill up pumpkins with wolf treats and then they placed their pumpkin in the enclosure. The wolves seemed to enjoy this, once they were shown that the pumpkins held treats for them. Ingo is extremely comfortable with visitors and will generally walk up to the fence as he inspects his audience. From all of us at Wolf Timbers, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season.

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