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Winter Update on Ingo 2001

Ingo is a wolf with a youthful personality. He is in his "teenage" years and he enjoys bestowing his exuberant energies on Nira - who then, after putting up with this pesky wolf for only so long, becomes grumpy. He is doing better at learning the rules of the wolf but his determined personality sometimes gets him into trouble with his elders. Ingo displayed some interest in Keeley this year during the breeding season. Nira did not appreciate this and attempted to hinder his advances. Research at Wolf Park has shown that there is a period of about one week when the female produces a particular pheromone. Conception has a higher probability of occurring if breeding takes place during this time. The research has also shown that at this time the alpha male will guard and attend the female preventing any other suitors near her. Keeley did her share by rebuffing the young wolf as well. Ingo has tested Nira slightly, but Nira has been able to respond effectively. Ingo is raising his leg on urination in front of Nira, who does not seem to mind. Ingo will eventually become alpha some day - when - we are unsure but he has much to learn before then. One of Ingo's favorite things to do is howl. Many early mornings, mid afternoons and middle of the nights have been punctuated by the young wolf's howls. He will often howl alone, like someone singing along to the radio. Keeley will sometimes join in after a few moments and this will occasionally result in a "wolfie" version of row-row-row your boat. Recently a gentleman from Florida made a trip to visit the wolves and do a photography session with them. Ingo is a very photogenic fellow and we think he actually enjoys getting his picture taken. He will hold still long enough for someone to snap his picture, almost as if he is posing for the camera. Visitors enjoy Ingo's calm reserve when they come to visit. He is often one of the first of the wolves to great the public during a program. Ingo is a healthily young wolf with a muscular torso and build. His coat is full and thick, dappled with different shades of gray, tan and black. Like all kids, he enjoys getting and staying dirty. More often then not we might find him rolling around in a nice mud puddle. He isn't shy about eating, and he will sometimes guard the carcass from Keeley if Nira is not around. All of his vaccinations are up to date and on record. He has an ever-changing character and it has been a pleasure for us to watch as he grows up. Ingo and all the wolves are the reason Wolf Timbers exists, it is our privilege to be able to care for him. As his sponsor, we invite you to come and visit him as often as you like. Please feel free to call us and make an appointment to visit, or just call to see how he is doing. The 2001 season at Wolf Timbers is going to be a great one! There are several new programs in place and also a few howl nights have been added. Hope to see you sometime in 2001!






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